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Welcome to the "Little Church with the Big Heart". 


"To speak is knowledge to listen is wisdom."



Our History


East Valley Presbyterian Church has served the communities of Otis Orchards, Newman Lake, Liberty Lake, and Greenacres since 1986. Located on Harvard Road, just 2.5 miles north of Liberty Lake, this is a small church in which people see one another as family. The hallmarks of this congregation the warm, welcoming, and loving way in which all newcomers are treated; its traditional-style of worship; its deep exploration of scripture; and, its firm belief in the power of prayer.

We see ourselves as “The Little Church with the Big Heart where people help one another feel safe, loved, and spiritually whole.”

Our pastor is the Reverend Marcia Taylor, a native of Spokane Valley, who has served God with us since 2000.


About Us

Worship Service and Bible Studies

Led by Marcia Taylor, Pastor:

Worship service each Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

Coffee hour and fellowship follows the service.

Bible study, on the book of Hebrews, Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 p.m.

Please visit this site for daily scripture reading.



A message from Pastor Marcia


Memorial Day has just passed. As usual, it caused me to think back on all those who have been so dear to me who have already moved on to their home with God. That’s one of the things that is constant in life—death. We rarely get to say our final words of farewell as we’d like to. All too often, we’re left regretting what we did or didn’t say the last time we saw someone who meant so much to us.

For me, I’ve found that it helps to write notes to those who are gone. That gives me a chance to articulate what I want to share with them. I can only hope, though, that somehow they’ll hear. Especially for sharing current events that would have been of interest to them, my writing beats talking out loud to myself. At least, the cats don’t keep coming into my face to see what’s wrong when I talk to anyone they can’t see. But, for the things I didn’t get to say, or simply neglected to say, I just have to live with those regrets.

Someone once said, “Live each day as if it’s your last.” There’s a lot of food for thought in that. Not only does it touch upon reminding us to tell those we love what we feel about them, it also reminds us to make the best use of our time each day to do the things that are most important. Spend that quality time with people who mean a lot to us. Take care of that business of getting our affairs in order. Organize our papers/files that contain all the information someone will need in something happens to us. Take those longed-for trips that we keep putting off. Get the exercise we need—it truly does make a difference! Quit putting off until tomorrow those things that we can do today. In these types of things, we can help make sure we don’t have to live with regrets later; nor do our loved ones.

Remember that each breath we take is a gift from God. Treasure it. Use all of the gifts God has given you to the very best of your ability. Then live each day knowing that you will be blessed even more.

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5305 N. Harvard Rd, PO Box 879, Otis Orchards, WA 99027-0879, US

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